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New to the UK from the Raquel Welch range of styles and designs:

The Raquel Range 

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Determining Your Ideal Wig Size

When ordering your wig, please take a measurement around your head from the nape of the neck to the top of the forehead as shown by the thick black line in the diagram and then use the table below to determine your size:

Wig Hair Specialist    

Our suppliers use different words to describe the same sizes. The sizes are as follows:

Belle Madame     Natural Image / Raquel Welch / Hot Hair               Measurement

Extra Small                 Petite Petite                                                                                    51 - 52cm

Small                           Petite                                                                                               52 - 53 cm

Medium                       Average                                                                                           54 - 55 cm

Large                           Large                                                                                               56 - 57cm

Note that the Raquel Welch Range also includes a size called 'Petite Average' which is a size falling between 53 - 54 cm.

Please choose carefully, as we want you to be entirely happy with your choice of wig when you receive it.

If you wish to search for wigs by size, just click on 'search' above. Type the word used to describe the size in the table above into the text box on the next screen and press Search. All the wigs available in that particular size will be displayed as a list. Note that typing 'Small' will display both the Small and Extra Small and wigs with any reference to "small" or "smaller" in the text too.

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